Ujung Kulon Tourism

Java Nature Hideaway

An exciting journey deep into the Ujung Kulon World heritage Site, one of the world's greatest ecosystems in Java - Indonesia, Imagine yourself on an Ujung Kulon cruises exploring the upper reaches of the exotic Cigenter river, Spend your days hiking through the rainforest, viewing wildlife, canoing, snorkeling on pristine water, relaxing in comfort on Ujung Kulon Tourism, all while surrounded by sights and sounds most people have only imagined. experience up close the tropical rainforest from the comfort of the boat, the cry of colorful tropical forest, the lush smell of the rainforest, countless flowers, towering trees, incredible reptiles and amphibians, iridescent butterflies, and captivating monkeys.


The beauty of its desolated regions is matched by its variety of flora and fauna. It is the world's least populated country with one inhabitant per square kilometer, which makes it the most intact and pristine place on our planet. Through cooperation with the world's leading expert on Ujung Kulon Tourism, we offer ecotours to Ujung Kulona's most interesting eco destination.


This is the unforgettable magnificence of an Ujung Kulon, This is your best opportunity to experience the magic of an Ujung Kulon wildlife adventure with a company that is known world-wide for it's intimate knowledge of this exotic land. You have our assurance that you will have an experience of a lifetime. Do a tour of the rainforest with leading naturalists.

If you've ever dreamed of Ujung Kulon, in comfort, private trip or with small groups, guided by experts; our trips are for you. We employ our guides locally. All are fully licensed, highly experienced and English speaking. Local weather conditions or the general unpredictability of Indonesia may necessitate adjustments to the tour itinerary or route.