Duration : 1D/

Start : Jakarta/Carita

Boat Type : Fast Boat

Price Contact : by email or WhatApp


The Sunda Straits, the historic water way between Sumatra and Java, is also home tosome of the most remote and pristine areas left in Western Indonesia Through these straits the Indian Ocean meets the Pacific and as a result this region is enormously rich in marine life. Combined with a diverse range of bottom topography this area presents the diver with wide range of diving options from deep walls and towering pinnacles formed by past violent volcanic eruptions, to soft and hard coral coastal reefs and isolated coral cays.

The visibility is fair to good, 10 to 20 meters. Schools of Moorish idols and other reef fish inhabit the area, and one occasionally sees reef white tip sharks. The bright colors emperor angelfish stand out starkly against the background of dark rock. On the south end of the site, the slab scenery is interrupted growths of stag horn and table Acropora, some with blue-tinted fins. Around the rocks to the east grow an astonishing number of orange fan coral gorgonians. The smallest covered three square meters, and the largest, five square meters. The visibility drops here, because of the sandy bottom. Reef black tip sharks patrol


Depart from Carita at 7am. Sail around the Anak Krakatau (Child “Anak” Krakatau)  take 1.30 hours. Arrived at Legon Cabe (fist dive), Depth 20-60 Feet Deep (located next to Rakata Island), The cracked and sharp edged rocks makea west facing submarine cliff look like ancient ruins of a temple and towering pinnacles formed bypast violent volcanic eruptions, to soft and hard coral coastal reefs and isolated coral cays. Crusing around the Anak Krakatau where you can seen the real of black lava stone and the rest of the last eruption. Landing at the beach of Anak Krakatau and climb up to the first top of  volcano than step your foot on it searching closely the minerals  (Volcanic bomb, lava) from the bottom of the earth which were thrown up  through its crater, from the top you can see the wonder beautiful sea view of krakatau arcipelago.  than return back to Carita harbor. End the trip.



- Private fast boat during the tour

- Guide (English / Indonesian)

- Meal (lunch)

- Full set dive gear

- 2x Diver per person

- Mineral water

- Soft drink, juice, coffee, tea and milk (cool box + ice)

- Snacks and fruits

- Entrance ticket

- Snorkeling equipment

- Krakatau ranger fee

- Dive Master


What to Bring:

- Hat, towel, sunblock

- Swimsuit, trekking shoes

- Sunglasses, camera